Watts Labor Community
Action Committee

Youth Services

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For youth 10-14 from South Los Angeles

Join WLCAC’s Youth Program (GRYD) – all online now!

  • Academic assistance: tutoring, homework
  • Mentoring
  • Recreational games
  • Therapy

Come to WLCAC GRYD Center at 10950 S Central Ave or call (323) 357-6273

Gang Reduction and Youth Development (GRYD)

WLCAC staff develops close, dedicated relationships with youth clients through our GRYD program and related youth activities, serving around 300 youth. The program’s overall goal is to reduce the number of youth who become involved in gang activities and to build stronger families through various supports.

Program Highlights:     

  • Serving families for more than twenty years
  • Established GRYD alumni who helped create peace treaties between Jordan Downs, Imperial Courts, and Nickerson Gardens
  • Despite gang territories, WLCAC’s site is an established gang-neutral zone, where members of any combination of 19 local sets can gather peacefully
  • Partnership between WLCAC, the City of Los Angeles, LAPD, LAUSD, and families with or without gang-affiliation
  • Conducted training for other GRYD contractors in recruitment for the Mayor’s office
  • Current top-performing GRYD contractor in the City of Los Angeles
  • Awarded for Best Use of Data to Inform Practice on May 11th 2018
  • Recognized by Mayor’s Office for service excellence May 30th 2018

Shown below is a 10,000 square-foot mural installed by a graduate of our youth program, phenomenal artist Richard Franco, who partnered with community leader and artist Toni Love to hand-paint the mural, which serves as backdrop to a playground.

Watts Labor Community
Action Committee