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WLCAC has established a legacy of service that tells stories of the heart. The advocacy we provide extends beyond immediate needs to  encompass long standing impacts in an individual’s life. Our youth and families have found our WLCAC site as a place that will always have their arms open to provide the highest quality of care and advocacy in their journey to success.  Allowing opportunities of growth and positive memories in the lives of every child that comes through our doors!  

G.R.Y.D Prevention/Re-entry/Outdoor Equity (Youth Development Programs)

WLCAC’s city-funded youth development programs serve as a safe haven for young people to grow and play. We serve youth through a variety of enriching programming in the areas of southeast Los Angeles and Watts.

Our Impact

Over 75% of our Staff either grew up through our youth programs and/or still reside in the areas we service.  This adds program buy-in, which in turn, impacts and gives validity and shows the effectiveness in building trust with families we serve.  This has also allowed for the development of our WLCAC Youth Alumni, with youth programming since 1965!

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Our Team

Ralph Flores

Director GRYD

Esmeralda Melara


Karen Gayles

Prevention Program Coordinator GRYD

Martin Gonzalez

Prevention Program Coordinator GRYD

Tequila Castro 

Program manager 

We Offer

Intensive Case Management

Our holistic approach to case management involves case managers that we hire from the community to service and connect with participants in all settings of their life: school, home, individually, and within the community.


Basic Needs

We do giveaways: backpacks, shoes & socks, hygiene kits, gift cards, school uniforms, baby-to-baby items.

Recreational/Educational Activities

On-site basketball clinics, skate & roller skating classes, aviation with Young Eagles, Horses in the Hood, surf classes, arts classes, East Side Riders bike club, MudTown Farms gardening.


 Raging Waters, Hurricane Harbor, Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Universal, movie trips, Sky Zone, museums, Golf N’ Stuff, Speed Zone, K1 Speed, beaches & lakes, hiking & camping, Outdoor Leadership program

Outdoor Equity Program

Allows families to experience local outdoor education and recreation by providing camping gear, transportation, and park fees for families and allowing them to travel to the outdoors, create new family traditions, connect with nature, promote environmental justice, and participate in campfire healing circles.

Social Media Marketing + Branding

This Pop-Up course is for people who are interested in working in social media, digital content production and people who seek to use social media to strengthen their digital footprint and grow their personal and/or professional brands.

Staff Stories

I'm fulfilled in working hard to equip the city of Watts with full empowerment and support from all angles.

I am a watts resident who received my first job through a WLCAC program. I started an internship at 16 and it nurtured my passion for giving back to the community. We are a family and I love how we can help everyone that comes through the door!

As a Youth living in Watts it gave me insight on all that was needed to develop in a positive manner. As an Adult working for GRYD I do my best to provide all the support the Youth need. I am proud to give back to my Community.

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Watts Labor Community
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