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Seniors Services

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Are you a City of Los Angeles resident over 60 years old?

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Check-in calls, care management, info for homebound
Benefits assistance: food, prescriptions, housing
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Culturally responsive exercise & healthy living guides
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WLCAC Senior Programs
10957 S Central Ave, LA 90059
(323) 749-5432

WLCAC operates the largest senior citizens program in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Five multi-purpose centers in the City of Los Angeles provide recreational activities, educational programs, health screenings, field trips, day care, and hot meals to the elderly.

Thousands of meals are prepared and served daily to the centers’ clients and to seniors at several satellite meal sites. In addition, hot meals are delivered each day to elderly or handicapped clients who are unable to leave their homes. Other WLCAC services to senior citizens include in-home care, transportation and escort assistance for shopping or medical appointments, and referrals to other social service providers. Services are provided according to an individual plan of care in a structured comprehensive program that provide a variety of social, psychosocial, and related support services in a protective setting.

Meals for Seniors
now home deliveries 5 days/week during COVID-19 pandemic

Normally on-site at 5 locations:

  • Bradley Multipurpose Senior Center, 10957 S Central Ave, LA 90059 (323) 749-5432
  • Estelle Van Meter Multipurpose Center, 7600 S Avalon Blvd, LA 90001 (323) 305-2090
  • Southwestern Multipurpose Senior Center, 5133 S Crenshaw Blvd, LA 90043 (323) 294-5226
  • Theresa Lindsay Senior Center, 429 E 42nd Place, LA 90011 (323) 846-1920
  • West Adams Multipurpose Senior Center, 2528 West Blvd, LA 90016 (323) 735-5799

Pilot Program for Diabetes Self-Management Funded

With funding from Archstone Foundation, WLCAC will design and pilot Shaped to Fit, a diabetes education program that bridges the gap between the content of the already well-established Diabetes Self-Management Program (DSMP), originally developed by Kate Lorig, DrPH, Stanford University, and the reality that faces older adults in South Los Angeles. In addition to informally augmenting and piloting the DSMP, Shaped to Fit will also include complimentary workshops to health care and aging service providers to help them develop a racial equity lens to apply to their practices.

Shaped to Fit has two primary goals:

1) Improve health access, health, health care utilization, and literacy by educating Black and Latino older adult patients and health care and aging services providers; and

2) Improve nutrition, movement, and medication self-management for South LA older adults living below the poverty line.

Watts Labor Community
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