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Cultural Enrichment

Watts Culture Fest

WLCAC Cultural History

When our headquarters were destroyed during the 1992 rebellion, WLCAC established its seven-acre headquarters as a cultural park for community gathering, and teaching the history of racial and economic injustice through immersive art. Today, the seven-acre headquarter site is an urban refuge with a skate park, playground, murals, performance spaces, exhibits, statuary, fountains, and art studios. Along with inspiring space for creativity we have one of the nations longest standing black history exhibits that shares the African American experience from the 1600’s – present day.

Director's Message

For decades WLCAC has committed resources, real estate and programming to human enrichment. Throughout that time and today we are certain that the missing key in most social services lies within cultural enrichment. An individual having accessibility to the tools of expression can produce different outcomes.

We have a strong focus on developing the creative economy and ensuring that Watts and other marginalized South Central communities are included within these opportunities. For WLCAC that means providing specialized arts training, internships, apprenticeships, and worksource support.

Today WLCAC understands that cultural events are what bring us together to set change in motion. If here in Watts we find ways to channel our cultural experience into financial growth opportunities together we are defining enrichment.

Our Impact

WLCAC has supported artists, musicians and other creatives throughout our 58 year existence. WLCAC has provided art activities from 1966 and throughout or tenure when funding has allowed us to. We have invested more than 2 Million dollars towards enrichment programming.

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Fine Arts 101

Students are introduced to a variety of arts forms within the Fine Arts world. Beginning with the basics such as warm and cold colors to the world of animation.

Mixed Media 101

Students will learn the basics of different forms of media. Inviting them to push boundaries and create collective pieces that represent who they are and where they’re from.

Ceramics 101

Ceramics class exposes students to the therapeutic and unpredictable spirit of clay. Each 1-hour class offers a live demonstration of hand-building techniques involving clay pinching, coiling, slab-rolling, glazing, and more.

Screenprinting 101

The printmaking workshop introduces students to simple forms of printmaking, particularly relief prints. Students will learn to sketch out ideas, transfer them onto their matrix/plate and print them onto paper.

Podcasting: Audio Production

The popularity of podcasts is on the rise. They are undeniably one of the most powerful ways for brands and influencers to reach the masses.

Social Media Marketing + Branding

This Pop-Up course is for people who are interested in working in social media, digital content production and people who seek to use social media to strengthen their digital footprint and grow their personal and/or professional brands.

Digital Archiving

Discover the history of how Hip-Hop changed the world, starting from its roots on the streets before rap, DJing, graffiti, breakin’ (breakdancing), and street fashion launched into mainstream popular culture. Through photography, video, art, music, dance, and fashion.

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Our Team

Tanika “Tea” Vickers


Rahzizi Ishakarah

Design and Multimedia Coordinator

Megan Wong

Volunteer Coordinator


Arts2Work’s mission is to provide access to creative careers for those traditionally excluded from such opportunities — we’re here to ensure equity, inclusion, and economic sustainability for creative workers, businesses, and organizations. Arts2Work is a program of the Alliance for Media Arts + Culture.

HOLA encourages youth to channel their energy and emotion into creative endeavors in the visual and performing arts, developing their powers of self-expression, instilling self-confidence, and fueling their interest in learning. Visual Arts provides an extensive arts curriculum designed and delivered by established and emerging artists.

WLCAC is supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture.

Watts Labor Community
Action Committee