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Mensaje del director

As WLCAC’s Youth Services Director, I am honored and humbled for the opportunity to serve the youth of Watts and South LA. For the past 25 years, our team has earned the trust and respect of the communities we serve. Having a staff made up of former youth participants, reflects the positive impact of our youth programming and services. Our alumni bring healing, trauma informed care, and testimonials that can attest to the effectiveness our programs have had in shaping their lives and the community.

Our commitment to upholding the mission and vision of WLCAC lies at the core of how we connect and engage with all of our youth and their families to help them bring positive change into their lives. We do this by exposing our youth to the outdoors, workshops, positive learning, and providing a support system that will last a lifetime. We believe in our kids, so they can believe in themselves and positively move forward into the future.

Nuestra División

WLCAC ha establecido un legado de servicio que cuenta historias del corazón. La defensa que brindamos se extiende más allá de las necesidades inmediatas para abarcar los impactos duraderos en la vida de una persona. Nuestros jóvenes y familias han encontrado nuestro sitio WLCAC como un lugar que siempre tendrá los brazos abiertos para brindar la más alta calidad de atención y defensa en su viaje hacia el éxito. ¡Permitiendo oportunidades de crecimiento y recuerdos positivos en la vida de cada niño que entra por nuestras puertas!  

Prevención GRYD/Reingreso/Equidad al aire libre (Programas de desarrollo juvenil)

WLCAC’s city-funded strategy for youth development is focused on providing a safe haven for young people to grow and play, serving them through a variety of enriching programs throughout Watts, and South and South East Los Angeles.

Nuestro impacto

Over 75% of our staff were directly impacted by our youth programs and/or still reside in the areas we service. The experience of Youth Alumni gives validity to the program’s effectiveness in building trust with the families we’ve been serving since 1965.

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rafael flores

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Coordinador del Programa de Prevención GRYD

Martín González

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Manejo intensivo de casos

We hire case managers that take a holistic approach to connecting and serving participants in all aspects of their life at school, home, and individually through:

  • Servicios de salud mental
  • Trauma Focused Workshops
  • Grief and Loss Counseling

Basic Necessities

We ensure youth and their families have access to backpacks, shoes & socks, hygiene kits, school uniforms, and baby items so that they can focus on developing their skills and self-esteem. We also offer:

  • Gift Card Giveaways
  • Parenting Workshops
  • Parent Appreciation Days

Actividades recreativas/educativas

We offer a wide array of activities and classes for youth such as art, skate, and surf classes. We also partner with organizations like the Young Eagles to teach aviation, Horses in the Hood, and East Side Riders bike club. 

Field Trips

Youth participants go on field trips to theme parks, museums, beaches and lakes, hiking and camping, and more to expose them to places and experiences that will introduce them to a positive path that will lead to a well rounded lifestyle that every child deserves.

Programa de equidad al aire libre

We bring local outdoor education and recreation to families by providing all camping necessities like camping gear, transportation, and park fees. This allows families to create new traditions, connect with nature, promote environmental justice, and participate in campfire healing circles.

Historias del personal

Thanks to the employment opportunity given to me at WLCAC I now have a brighter future and career!

WLCAC took me on my first beach trip, Dodger game and Disneyland. They helped me discover my self esteem and brought security to my life, allowing me to believe in myself.

I came to WLCAC as a youth because I knew the case managers cared about me and I loved the environment!

As an Adult working for GRYD I do my best to provide all the support the Youth need. I am proud to give back to my Community.

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