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Welcome to the Family Services Page!

The WLCAC Family Services Division takes pride in delivering only the highest level of quality service, providing personal attention, patience, a strong work ethic, and a people-first attitude. For nearly 30 years, WLCAC has provided coordinated human services for low-income residents living in Watts and surrounding communities. Thanks to my dedicated, passionate, and talented staff and trusted community partners, Family Services will continue to find the best ways to bring necessary resources to meet the immediate needs of our clients and find long-term solutions to challenges the residents of our community are facing.

Our team’s commitment to the community is astonishing to me, watching them take the time to listen, confirm, recommend, and follow through with everyone who walks through our doors is a testament to our mission in action. Our staff treats each client the same way they would like to be treated if they were in the same situation, with empathy and respect. When you have a team of caring people working toward the same goal, we all win.

Nuestra División

Our Family Services division serves as a one stop shop, providing complete wrap-around services to children, families and individuals living in Los Angeles. A majority of our clients are Black and Latino and come from the surrounding Watts and South LA areas, assisting over 12,000 clients and their families annually with a wide array of programs and services.

Centro de fuentes familiares

WLCAC’s city-funded Family Source Center (FSC) is one of the highest-performing programs in the City of Los Angeles, operating two FSC sites and continuously exceed our goals serving over 4,000 unduplicated clients each year, from individuals living paycheck to paycheck, to families struggling to pay their rent and put food on the table. We assist clients with obtaining housing, employment, financial literacy, youth enrichment and tutoring, free tax preparation services, vaccination assistance, food, immigration services, legal assistance, mental health services, expungement, post-secondary education, emergency assistance and case management services.

Programa de Reingreso

El programa de reingreso de WLCAC es el más grande del condado de Los Ángeles, donde administramos casos de manera constante a más de 300 clientes por mes. Durante los últimos cinco años, nuestro FamilySource Center ha brindado administración intensiva de casos de reingreso a más de 2,500 personas involucradas en la justicia. Esto implica crear planes de atención personalizados para cada cliente y pasar una cantidad considerable de tiempo con ellos para comprender completamente su historia de vida y el camino que tomaron que resultó en su encarcelamiento.

Nuestro impacto

Million annual income increase
New FSC clients served annually
Angeleno Debit cards distributed between 2019-2020
Tarjetas de compras proporcionadas entre 2019 y 2020


Nuestro equipo


Employment Prep Services

We screen for WorkSource and YouthSource referral eligibility for job training and placement to provide the following services:

  • Resume Building Workshops
  • Job Search Support
  • Interview Workshops


Financial Education

We provide a financial assessment for clients and help them design a financial plan that will help them budget and build a savings plan. Our financial education programs include:

  • Financial Planning
  • Financial Literacy Workshops
  • Free Tax Preparation Services


Daily Food Pantry

In response to growing concerns over food insecurity in South Los Angeles, the Family Source Center partnered with supermarkets, Food Forward, and other partners to provide a fully stocked food pantry to ensure community members have equitable access to healthy and nutritious foods.


Servicios de inmigración

WLCAC is proud to serve the  undocumented community, providing access to food, resources and services. FSC offers the following immigration services:

  • Citizenship Applications
  • Residency Renewals
  • DACA Renewals



Our outreach staff are critical to informing the community about the various services and serve as the first point of contact for our Family Source Centers. You can find our team at local events, supermarkets, churches, and community centers informing residents about COVID19 and flu vaccine assistance, our food pantry, free tax services, and more.


Asistencia de emergencia

We offer emergency assistance to clients through rental assistance, securing security deposits, utility  assistance, providing grocery and gas cards,  furniture donation and relocation assistance. Our Family Source Center’s goal is to empower our clients to be self-sufficient. We help them achieve that independence by assisting them in paying their bills on time, avoid eviction, and, eventually, become homeowners.


Asistencia legal

En 2022, nuestro FamilySource Center brindó asistencia legal a 47 personas.


Servicios de salud mental

En 2022, nuestro FamilySource Center brindó servicios de salud mental a 160 personas.



En 2022, nuestro FamilySource Center ayudó a 21 personas a sellar sus antecedentes penales a través de un proceso conocido como borrado de antecedentes penales.


Educación post secundaria

En 2022, nuestro FamilySource Center inscribió a 49 personas en educación postsecundaria.


Historias del personal

FSC es un programa increíble porque todos aquí trabajan juntos para encontrar soluciones para cualquiera que entre por la puerta.

Ariel González

Es una locura pensar dónde estaba antes y dónde estoy ahora. He aprendido mucho en los meses que llevo trabajando con WLCAC.

jaila harris

Todos pasamos por momentos difíciles, todos luchamos, pero todos necesitan una mano amiga.

La Kierrea Jenkins

I lived in Watts, growing up in housing projects that didn’t have many positive outlets for youth my age. Since that first day, I would go to the WLCAC-Bridges program daily.

keefe williams

Historias de clientes

Ana Chan es una cliente de WLCAC de 60 años que se unió en octubre de 2021, vivía en un garaje descompuesto y perdió su trabajo, pero con la ayuda de su administrador de casos, consiguió un trabajo de tiempo completo en un centro para personas mayores. y está trabajando hacia la autosuficiencia a través de mejores condiciones de vida.
Ana Chan
Ana Chan
The FamilyServices Program of WLCAC helped Michael Bailey, a former employee who was houseless and in prison, get his life back by finding him an apartment, furnishing it and providing rental assistance, and he says “Now that I have been blessed with this gift, I am ready to pay it forward.” This story is one of 3,000 people the program helps each year with childcare, financial planning, home assistance, and more.
Michael Bailey
miguel bailey
Antoine, 32, found safety and opportunities at WLCAC’s youth program in Watts and credits the program for saving his life. He later worked as a youth program assistant, which provided financial support, work experience, and inspired him to pursue a career in youth services.
Lupe found a safe haven at WLCAC as a youth, away from gang-affiliated peers, and was exposed to opportunities she and others couldn’t access, leading her to attend college after a summer job with WLCAC provided economic and vocational opportunities. Now 24, she shoulders the same responsibilities as the staff who mentored her.

Logros notables

Tarjeta Angeleno: Distribuimos 2,800 tarjetas por valor de $2,979,700
Tarjeta Mayors Grocery: Distribuimos 167 tarjetas por valor de $64,900
Change Reaction Grocery Cards: Distribuimos 150 tarjetas $100
Angel Fund: Brindamos $106,454 a personas que perdieron ingresos
Tarjetas de supermercado WLCAC: $100,000 (no financiado por la ciudad)
Servicios contratados FSC Regular: inscritos 5.306 clientes (meta anual de 2.500), aumento
ingresos de clientes $4,815,859 (meta anual de $500,000)

Servicios contratados FSC Regular: inscritos 3.871 clientes (meta anual de 2.500) y
aumento de los ingresos de los clientes $2,690,291 (objetivo anual de $500,000)
Alcaldes DADO Tarjetas: Provisto $350.700

Servicios regulares contratados FSC: inscritos 4.793 clientes (meta anual de 2.500) y
aumento de ingresos de clientes $1,747,503 (meta anual de $500,000)


Comunidad Laboral de Watts
Comité de Acción