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WorkSource Division

For over 60 years, WLCAC has been providing an array of human services to the residents of Watts. Realizing the need for skills training and employment opportunities lead to the creation of our Job Training and Employment Division. Specifically, its WorkSource and YouthSource Centers provide these services free of charge to employer and job seekers. Our Workforce Development Department manages 6 grants that focus on providing job placement, reentry specific services and programs, employment retention, and vocational training for our clients.

Business clients can receive No-cost assistance in areas such as:

YouthSource Division

The WLCAC South LA YouthSource Center is a redesign of the City’s OneSource Centers, which by contrast, centered on work experience efforts for in school youth. Forward to the present seventy percent of all enrollments in our Youthsource center are expected to be out of school-youth with a barrier to employment or education.

Our YouthSource center will prepare youth for the world of work, future education, work experience and employment and ultimately careers. Located in a low income community we will prepare young people to be college and career ready. Services are targeted to schools that have the highest dropout rates.

There is an LAUSD Pupil Service and Attendance Counselor at our center to support the efforts of reaching out to our school and at-risk students to overcome barriers that impede academic achievement.

To get enrolled in our center interested youth must be 16-21 years-old, reside in the South LA area, and be income eligible. Participants are asked to be involved with the program for at least a year during which time they will receive guidance from trained and experienced staff on a range of services including re-enrolling in high school, alternative school, counseling, mentoring, college preparation, employment and work readiness, career exploration, and occupational skills training, tutoring, and computer training.

Our Impact

Our center believes that leadership and investment in returning to high school, higher education, and seeking occupational success is a great investment for the future of Los Angeles workforce.

We believe in “Empowering minds for a stronger Workforce”

Annual visitors seeking employment or business assistance (WorkSource)​
Clients placed into Jobs (WorkSource)
Youth assessed through LAUSD (YouthSource)
Youth employed this year through Summer Youth Employment (YouthSource)
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Our Team

Marvinette Columbus

Program Manager Worksource

Adriana Camacho

Program Manager YouthSource

WorkSource Offers

Southeast Los Angeles WorkSource Center - 10950 S Central Avenue Los Angeles CA 90059

Support Offered:
Vocational Training and Job Placement

Enrollment Requirements:
Age 18 and over
US Citizen, or non citizen authorized to work in US
Must attend orientation

Contact: (323) 563-4702

Project Impact (Watts Region) - Reentry

Support Offered:
No-cost behavioral health therapy provided by a licensed clinical therapist

Enrollment Requirements:
Arrested or convicted in the last 12 months
Currently on Parole or Probation
Living in unsubsidized housing
Must bring Social Security Card and I.D

Cal CRG – Reentry

Enrollment Requirements:
Arrested or convicted in the last 12 months
Currently on Parole or Probation
Must bring Social Security Card and ID

YouthSource Offers

South LA YouthSource Center -

Support Offered:
Stats coming 

Enrollment Requirements:
Ages 17-24
Must have qualifying barriers (Included but not limited to homeless, foster youth, pregnant or parenting)
Must bring identification


City and County Summer Youth Programs

Support Offered:
Stats coming

Enrollment Requirements:
Enrollment Requirements: Must have barriers (system involved, low income, in a home receiving Cal Works)
Ages 14-24 years old
Must Bring Identification

Project Impact (Watts Region) - Reentry

Enrollment Requirements:
Arrested or convicted in the last 12 months
Currently on Parole or Probation
Must bring Social Security Card and ID

Staff Stories

The value of the Youth Source Center to its participants is pivotal in that without the center, a lot of the youth in the area would have difficulty reaching their educational and employment goals due to barriers and the lack of resources that we altruistically offer. I love working for the Youth Source Center under the WLCAC because I relate to a lot of the participants; thus, giving me the understanding and empathy to help young participants reach their full potential.

As an employee of WLCAC, I have the opportunity each day to work with clients to empower them through our various programs and with the full support of leadership.

Quote is coming soon!

Quote is coming soon!

Client Stories

Need a job?  WLCAC’s Employment Center can help!

  • All program services are FREE
  • We bring in 35 new jobseekers every week
  • We guide you through getting documents, resume, interviewing skills…
  • We have specific programs for formerly incarcerated people entering the workforce
  •  Orientations every Tuesday at 9am

For Adult Employment Services
go to WLCAC WorkSource Center at 10950 S Central Ave, LA 90059
or call (323) 563-5669 or (323) 563-4702

WLCAC has established a seamless, “no-fail,” job training, job placement, and post-employment training system for youth, adults, seniors, veterans, and dislocated workers as defined by the federal Workforce Investment Act. The Youth Services System prepares South Central and surrounding community residents for the labor force by providing job readiness, tutoring, GED assistance, post-secondary preparation, paid work experience, on-the-job-training, customized training, leadership development, case management, job advancement, and supportive services.

Services offered include the following:

  • Employment/work Readiness
  • Academic Assessment and Educational Guidance
  • Career Exploration and Guidance
  • Occupational Skills Training
  • Tutoring/Computer Training
  • College Preparation/Leadership
  • Counseling/Mentoring
  • Alternative High School Services
  • Parenting Classes and Financial Classes

For Youth Employment Services (age 17-24)
go to WLCAC YouthSource Center at 958 E 108th St, LA 90059
or call (323) 923-1434

To get started, you must meet the following and other additional requirements:
16-21 years of age and a resident of the City of Los Angeles
OR 18-24 years of age on active probation and/or parole within the last 12 months.

We ask that you actively participate in our program for one year. Our trained and experienced representatives will help you discover what you need to get on track to education and employment.

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