Bernice Watkins Vision Complex

WLCAC operates the largest senior citizens program in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Two multi-purpose centers, one in Watts and one near downtown Los Angeles, provide recreational activities, educational programs, health screenings, field trips, day care, and hot meals to the elderly.

Thousands of meals are prepared and served daily to the center’s clients and to seniors at several satellite meal sites. In addition, hot meals are delivered each day to elderly or handicapped clients who are unable to leave their homes. Other WLCAC services to senior citizens include in-home care, transportation and escort assistance for shopping or medical appointments, and referrals to other social service providers. Services are provided according to an individual plan of care in a structured comprehensive program that provide a variety of social, psychosocial, and related support services in a protective setting.

Title VI Compliance

WLCAC se ha comprometido a ofrecer excelente servicio al cliente y alta calidad de atención sin ser descriminado.  Cualquier persona que sienta que ha sido discriminado en base a raza,color u origen nacional por WLCAC puede presentar una queja bajo Título VI completando elformulario disponible en la parte de abajo de esta pagina.

WLCAC is committed to providing excellent customer service and quality of care on a non-discriminatory basis.  Any person who feels they have been discriminated against on the basis of race, color, or national origin by WLCAC may file a Title VI complaint by completing the form provided below.