If you need food right away....

    1st & 3rd Wednesdays: come to WLCAC HQ at 10850 S Central Ave
        For 2 bags of fresh produce – no questions asked
    8:30-5 M-F come to the FamilySource Center at 1212 E 108th St
        City of Los Angeles residents get enrolled in the program
        to get food from the Food Pantry
            available daily 1st-come, 1st-served
        or to get money for food assistance

Come to the WLCAC FamilySource Center
     at 1212 E 108th St, LA  90059
     or call (323) 357-6262

    US citizenship not required
    but bring your documents to aid in registration 
  •   CA or US ID or proof of residency (mail or utility bill with your name & address)
  •   Proof of income if you have one (pay stub, copy of check, W-2, tax form)

FamilySource Center (FSC)

FSC’s mission is to promote community wellness and individual and community self-sufficiency by providing opportunities for entire families (children, youth, and adults) to access essential social services (child care, after-school programs, health services, educational workshops, job training, family management, counseling, and intensive case management) while, at the same time, playing an intricate part in assisting other families like themselves to access these services.

We meet the full range of needs for City of LA residents at no charge....

  •     Immediate & longer-term food assistance
  •     Housing assistance, including cash for rent & utilities, eviction protection, home repairs
  •     Mental health needs: counseling, parenting, anger management, substance abuse
  •     Financial planning & tax preparation
  •     Immigration & legal assistance: expunge criminal records, resolve custody or alimony disputes
  •     Reentry Program: Employment and other needs after incarceration or other justice-system involvement
  •     Academic & college assistance for students